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Servicing & Repairs

Dedicated Workshop

Our in-house and professional engineers are ready to respond to any challenges our customers face. Unlike many mobility providers we operate our own fully operational workshop. With this huge amount of expertise all under one roof you can have complete peace of mind.

  • Free collection
  • Free courtesy scooter
  • Free delivery
  • Expert mobility engineers
  • Very competitive rates
Servicing & Repairs - Our Platinum Service

Platinum Service

Our Platinum Service includes mobility scooter repair, bespoke powerchair & wheelchair alterations, stairlift servicing plus so much more!

Caring for your scooter

Top tips direct from the experts

Your scooter will give you the smoothest and most efficient ride when the tyres are kept inflated to the pressure shown in your manual. You should avoid large kerbs and do everything possible to avoid bumping into obstacles. Most scooters can climb kerbs up to approximately 5cm, but please refer to your manual for your scooter’s exact capabilities.

Like cars, scooters can continue to function when they are dirty, but their efficiency will be reduced, and they will experience additional wear and tear on the components. Make sure to clean your scooter regularly with warm water and a soft cloth. Never wash your scooter while it is connected to a charger.

Just like anything electrical it is important to keep your scooter dry too. When not in use, please store yours inside or if this is not possible we highly recommend using a weatherproof cover. If you use your scooter in the rain you may want to consider investing in a canopy.

It is important that your scooter is serviced every year to keep it in safe working order. We are always happy to book you in a service and give you a loan scooter to keep you mobile whilst we are working on yours. It’s best to book your service with us a week or two in advance to make sure that we have all the components required to service your vehicle.


Please charge your batteries using the charger supplied to you. Using a different charger may damage your batteries. If you are unsure – please ask us.

When you first get your new mobility scooter batteries, it is a good idea to charge them fully and then run them down a few times. You will not achieve full capacity until this process has been completed approx. 10 times. When undertaking these chargers, do not fully discharge – when the battery gauge reduces close to the red zone, starting charging again.

We strongly recommend that you ensure your batteries are fully charged before you unplug them from your electricity supply. Interrupting the charging process will degrade the batteries and may reduce their efficiency and lifespan. Do not disturb any charge (even top-ups) by unplugging & plugging in elsewhere.

Leaving your batteries on charge after they have been fully charged can be damaging – please avoid this where possible.

If there are long periods where you decide not to use your scooter, we recommend that you charge your batteries once a month.

For best practice, please use your batteries so they reduce down/closest to the red zone on the battery gauge – please do not allow them to fully discharge.

We recommend performing top-up charges only when your scooter’s battery gauge is showing below half full for the first 3 months. If you have performed a short journey and the battery gauge is above half, there is no need to charge your batteries.

If you know that you will be performing a longer journey in the near future you will need to fully charge your batteries.

Please charge your batteries in a location with regulated temperatures. Charging them in areas with extreme temperatures can cause damage and reduced efficiency.

Servicing & Repairs - Bespoke Products

Bespoke Products

We understand that one size just doesn’t fit all – we offer a bespoke service on many of our products.
Ask us today about our custom stairlifts, easy access bathrooms and bespoke powerchairs & rise and recliners.

Visit Our Showroom

All it takes is one trip to our showroom to experience and discover the 100+ reconditioned scooters in stock today. If you would prefer a free home demonstration, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us, our team members are always happy to help and advise.

Chris Bartlett

A very pleasant place to go for your mobility equipment. Staff are very knowledgeable and very helpful.

I've used them for several years now and they have always accommodated all my disability needs.

Paul Green

I feel I must write and say a huge thank you for the service my wife and I received last week when we came to look at new scooters.

We were both very pleased with how comfortable and reliable they are and were pleasantly surprised at the professional approach we received from Grant.

Mr Angel

We've tried the rest and now we're with the best!

Jane Walker

I recently needed to purchase a recliner chair for my mother, I contacted East Coast Mobility having dealt with them before, our needs were sorted over the phone, efficiently, with compassion and delivered within 48 hours.

Despite my mother not keen on a recliner chair she absolutely loves it!

Shane Pettingill

Excellent service! We're so glad we used East Coast Mobility for my parent's Stairlift.

Scott came round to assess our requirements - very professional and polite. A time slot was proposed that suited everyone and a week later installation was completed in just over 2 hours.

A brilliant solid stairlift, which is speedy, a fraction of the cost of some leading manufacturers and comes with a 12 month warranty.

We can't fault these guys - really chuffed!


It all worked out well in the end.
Easy Access Ramp is pucker!

Love Lynda

Alf and Beth Tugwell

We are delighted to recommend the Tandem Mobility Scooter which we have had for two years. It has been great to travel in, and has meant my wife and I could go out together.

Having bought the Canopy as well means the Tandem is an all weather commodity, so we get all year round enjoyment from it.

Service and care from East Coast Mobility is excellent.

Thank you for adding colour to our lives!

Mr Blossfeldt

Excellent workmanship and finish. Accessible shower solution delivered to a high standard.

Thanks very much!

Malcolm Lyell

Excellent service. We needed an engineer late in afternoon to fix my father's Stairlift as he could not have got to toilet or bed that night. They left the workshop and attended within 30 mins - fault fixed!

Very helpful and knowledgeable.

Tina Roslyn

Excellent customer service and prompt delivery.

Would highly recommend.

What Our Clients Say

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