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Where Can You Use an Off Road Mobility Scooter?

When you initially think of mobility scooters, you envision them on footpaths and roads in suburban areas and towns. However, an off road mobility scooter gives you even more freedom and access to all kinds of landscapes.

With summer in full swing, there’s longer days and more sunshine for your adventures!

Let’s take a closer look at this kind of mobility scooter and the places it can take you.

Can You Get an Off Road Mobility Scooter?

Yes, there is such thing as an off road mobility scooter. Their functionality and design is very similar to a regular mobility scooter, but has been slightly adapted to suit other environments. Also known as an all terrain mobility scooter, these vehicles have been created to give mobility scooter users access off the beaten track.

From uneven and unstable ground to inclines and bends, off road mobility scooters can tackle them all and ensure you feel safe and comfortable doing so. If you love the outdoors and exploring the natural beauty, all terrain mobility scooters can take you across fields, along the coast, up the mountains and down the valleys.

What is an Off Road Mobility Scooter?

An off road mobility scooter looks like a normal mobility scooter but it has extra features to accommodate for different terrains. If you’re asking, “which mobility scooter is best for rough terrain?”, it’s an off road mobility scooter. Some of the extra features include:

Extra Suspension: This means there will be higher ground clearance, so you will be able to tackle challenging, uneven terrain and still be comfortable.

Heavy Duty Wheels: The wheels on an off road mobility scooter are bigger and more hard-wearing that regular mobility scooter tyres, so there is more grip for the vehicle.

Higher Torque: A higher torque means you will have more power to overcome steep inclines, both upwards and downwards, so there’s no risk of rolling down hills when you’re out and about.

Can Mobility Scooters Go on Gravel?

Mobility scooters have been designed to travel well over most surfaces including gravel, concrete, and tiles. However, all terrain scooters mean they can tackle many more different flooring surfaces a normal mobility scooter can’t. All of the features above mean they can comfortably navigate these environments:

  • Sandy beaches
  • Pebble beaches
  • Fields
  • Country paths
  • Bumpy, uneven ground
  • Steep hills
  • Wet grass and floors
  • Freshly waxed floors

With their reliably tough tyres and powerful torque, all terrain mobility scooters are able to move over these surfaces with ease. It’s always smart to be continue being careful though and only approach the environments you feel confident with.

Can You Go in Supermarkets with a Mobility Scooter?

Yes, you can as it’s a legal requirement for public building to provide suitable access for disabled customers which refers to mobility scooters. You mustn’t exceed the speed limit of 4mph and Class 2 mobility scooters are better suited for navigating these spaces, rather than Class 3.

Off road mobility scooters are a Class 3 mobility scooter, so if you’re planning on doing a food shop or going into town where there’ll be lots of pedestrians and small lanes, it’s better to use a Class 2 scooter.

All Terrain Mobility Scooters from East Coast Mobility

At East Coast Mobility, we have mobility scooters for every kind of driver – including off road mobility scooters! Each model has been designed with your comfort in mind as well as giving you the opportunity to spread your wings even further!

Have a browse online, in our showroom or download our latest brochure which has all the information you need. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Mr Barrett

From start to finish, the service has been fantastic. From ensuring the reconditioned scooter I purchased was in top condition, to the great delivery experience through to dealing with helpful lady on the phone. I was most grateful for the non pushy sales approach - you gave me time to think. Extra information and assistance was immediately on hand. I cannot fault East Coast Mobility!

Audrey Wandsworth

Thank you so much for coming to my aid at Beccles Medical Centre. I wish we had more local businesses, and not just the internet for service.

Robert Smith

Just received my Cabin Car back after work done. The service I got was exceptional.

Not only was the work done to a brilliant standard they collected and delivered it too.

Well done East Coast Mobility! I thoroughly recommend them to anyone with mobility scooter problems.

Thank you to all the staff for a first class experience.

Caroline Long

Absolutely brilliant service, while she was very poorly my Mum's stair lift stopped working and got stuck in a doorway in a really awkward place so I called round a few places but most couldn't help very quickly.

East Coast Mobility not only told me how to move it so it wasn't in the way anymore but they also came out the following day and got it fixed with new batteries! Such a relief and all done sooo quickly.

Vinnie Harris

Great people who are very helpful. Reasonably priced and great variety of products. Highly recommend these people. Great to support a family business.

Jane Walker

I recently needed to purchase a recliner chair for my mother, I contacted East Coast Mobility having dealt with them before, our needs were sorted over the phone, efficiently, with compassion and delivered within 48 hours.

Despite my mother not keen on a recliner chair she absolutely loves it!


It all worked out well in the end.
Easy Access Ramp is pucker!

Love Lynda

Karen Neil

I can't thank Grant and everyone enough at East Coast Mobility for their fantastic help in installing my stairlifts and at an affordable price beating several others I had round.

Giving me back some desperately needed independence for which I thank them with all my heart, they honestly went above and beyond.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending them to anyone that needs help or advice, they really do care.

Paul Green

I feel I must write and say a huge thank you for the service my wife and I received last week when we came to look at new scooters.

We were both very pleased with how comfortable and reliable they are and were pleasantly surprised at the professional approach we received from Grant.

Malcolm Lyell

Excellent service. We needed an engineer late in afternoon to fix my father's stairlift as he could not have got to toilet or bed that night. They left the workshop and attended within 30 mins - fault fixed!

Very helpful and knowledgeable.

Chris Bartlett

A very pleasant place to go for your mobility equipment. Staff are very knowledgeable and very helpful.

I've used them for several years now and they have always accommodated all my disability needs.

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